Bucket Strategy Investing

Weekdays 10am-12noon

"Bucket Strategy Investing" helps listeners with their most challenging financial issues: helping manage their money for today's needs and tomorrow's goals all based on creating a plan called the "Bucket Strategy"!

John "Bam" Ransom, Johnny Dean and Rick "the Professor" Plum, CFP tackle any question and cover the most important financial topics from retirement planning to Social Security benefits, from 401ks and IRAs to helping manage taxes.There is no one-size-fits-all retirement plan. And Lucia Capital Group believes achieving your goals begins with personalized planning.

The Bucket Strategy® is a retirement philosophy designed to help individuals build an income source for the money needed today and as growth potential for the money listeners need later in retirement. Talk to one of our financial advisors and start building a personalized plan tailored specifically to your goals and objectives.