KBNP primarily targets an upscale well-educated audience of adults 35+. However, in today's changing economy with more people now investing in the stock and bond markets through employer benefits, the audience has expanded to include a broader base of success-oriented consumers.

These individuals are also interested in current news and information on a day to day basis. This broader base includes the well-educated, affluent and financially stable older adults with discretionary incomes; Adults 55+, as well as the up and coming hi-tech professional, entrepreneur, business owner and manager.


The Typical KBNP Listener:


Business, Industry, Investor 82.3%
Manufacturing 21.8%
Finance 22.6%
Banking, Insurance/Real Estate


25-34 16.1%
35-44 31.1%
45-54 21.1%
55-64 17.1%
65+ 15.1%
(68.3% are in peak earning years)


Owns his/her own home (s). (rental/vacation property included)
Owns two or more vehicles.(secondary auto, water/aircraft)
Own Stocks, bonds, mutual funds exceeding
$150,000, or more.

83% Respond to KBNP Advertisers
80% Listen to KBNP more than one hour per day

78% Have investment portfolios
(25% value over $200,000 )

72% Frequently use air travel
70% Are Business professional
53% Use computers in their workplace
45% Travel Internationally

KBNP’s Successful Listener:


College Educated 90.7%
Graduated College 74.4%
Post Graduate Work 43.5%

Top Management 51.0%

Chairman, Director, President 21.7%
CEO/CFO/COO 22..9%
General Management 38.1%

Household Income

Over $50,000 84.2%
Over $75,000 68.2%
Over $100,000 55.8%
Net Worth Over $1 Million 38.1%
Average Listener Income $126,705
Median Area Resident $ 72,215