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Ray  LuciaThis is great talk radio...that just happens to be about money. Your money! Ray Lucia and his “Brain Trust” can keep you entertained and make you wealthier, too.

Ray Lucia is a nationally known business and financial expert, whose “buckets of money” approach to wealth building is helping people gain financial security.

The Ray Lucia Show not only gives listeners and callers unparalleled information and insight on money issues, but gives you something to talk about with your friends and family in terms everyone will understand.

The entertainment side of every show is worth listening for. Ray, Rob Butterfield, Johnny Dean and any one of a number of Ray’s kids (adults he keeps game-fully employed) are fodder for everyday money subject matter and playful barbs. And if you’re into music knowledge with your mix of money issues...The Ray Lucia Show should be dialed-in everyday.