General Manager – Keith Lyons

Keith LyonsKEITH P. LYONS began his radio career immediately following his unsuccessful participation watching the 1971 rock tour of Ike & Tina Turner and the Ikettes, Boz Skaggs, Leon Russell, and B.B. King. Unable to carry a tune, play an instrument, or even look funky enough to be a roadie, he found himself unemployed but still feelin’ groovy. He put his broadcast career on hold.
By 1973, Keith had ventured into the Society of Lint, in Moline Illinois, where he took up the craft of hay crocheting. It was a rainy Thursday when he discovered his desire to sing karaoke during the viewing of The Godfather in the old Roseway Theater, and was forever banished. As a professional goat roper he was later discovered by Colonel Cabot, of the Virginia Cabot’s, who encouraged him to utilize his natural skills and teach temper tantrum throwing. He would have none of it, and went into lifelong seclusion back into the field of broadcasting.

Quote everyone should live by:
“Find the job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”
Best advice you were ever given
“Just be yourself.” Yeah right, that’s why people run away from me.
Best advice you ever offered
“You might want to step away from the edge.” To wife at edge of Mauna Loa volcano
What inspires you?:
“Every cartoon character since Benny & Cecil…but mostly Captain Kangaroo.”
Name your favorite movie:
“Isn’t just one… Animal House, Godfather (I&II but not III), Field of Dreams, Cool Hand Luke and the Shawshank Redemption” (Wow – humor, crime, sports and prison)
What books do you recommend?:
“Anything John Grisham, the Swordless Samurai, Swoosh, and Hard Drive”
Television you watch:
“Amazing Race, Survivor, Big Brother, all CSI’s, Cold Case…and Days of Our Lives
And One Life to Live” (Note: my wife makes me DVR the last two to watch with her)
What makes you smile or laugh?:
“My family, and their acceptance of my humor, along with any offbeat humor.”
What irritates you?:
“Dumb people, and lately I notice they are breeding more frequently.”

Office Manager – Jenifer Whitaker

Jenifer WhitakerJENIFER WHITAKER is the youngest of an only child family. She perfected her sports talents on her high school Underwater Bowling team, five times scoring perfect “300” games. Her torrid romance with Eric Lindros of the National Hockey League’s Philadelphia Flyers, was tabloid headlines in her own mind for nearly eight years, ending only when her screen saver deleted his picture during a power surge. Her birthday is a national holiday in Canada.
Following retirement at age 20, Jenifer supplements her income by juggling cats on downtown street corners, and finding available acreage for her malamute puppy “Mahalko” to bury bones in.

Quote everyone should live by:
“There’s only room for one princess – and I’m it!”
Best advice you were ever given:
“Be the princess!”
Best advice you ever offered:
“Look cousin, I was designated as the family Princess – deal with it!”
What inspires you?:
“Long walks on beaches, warm sunsets…Oh wait, that’s from my dating blog…”
Name your favorite movie:
“Anything Disney”
What car would you want to own?:
“An original Shelby 427 Cobra”
What lifestyle experience should everyone have at least once?:
“Attend the Grammy’s as a guest of a Rock Star, it’s the ultimate!”
Boxers or briefs?:
“Actually I prefer hockey players.”


Program Director – Sam Moskovic

Sam MoskovicSAM MOSKOVIC is still haunted by the Hollywood lifestyle that has chased him since birth. Confused in early infancy with Spanky McFarland of the “Our Gang” comedy series, Sam was the unruly street child of West L.A., often accused of starting other “gangs” in his native southern California.
Hollywood has also been a large part of his adult life, as he served as the Senior Film Critic for pirated versions of “Ishtar” on DVD and Beta. His personal life rotated around Tinsel Town’s starlets too, as he found himself front page tabloid headlines of rumors surrounding his imaginary romances with Marcia Brady, James Bond’s Miss Moneypenny, Judy Jetson, and an aging Betty Boop.
Moving out of the spotlight and locating to Whisper Wyoming, Sam entered the broadcast industry (or what he thought was the broadcast industry), when he was hired by city officials to yell at coyotes between 8:20PM and 4:15AM, just east of the Whisper city limits. When budget constraints hit the municipality, Sam was released of his obligation – though he wanted to stay, Really!
KBNP discovered Sam in January of 2005, in the back of an eighteen-wheeler from Burrows Idaho, briefly stopped to deliver potatoes to the Portland Saturday Spuds Market and Art Fair. He has remained a loyal employee ever since..

Quote everyone should live by:
“If you don’t have anything nice to say…shut the #^@% up.”
Best advice you were ever given:
“I’m still waiting for that one...”
Best advice you ever offered:
“I wouldn’t eat that. I looked in the kitchen.”
If you were an athlete, what sports Hall of Fame would we find you in?:
“Is badminton still a sport…”
Does it surprise people to learn you play guitar?
“Not after they hear me play, I do variations of Rock, Blues, anything really”
If you were cast in a Movie Role, what would it be?
“Brad Pitt would have lost his roles in the Oceans franchise is all I can say.”
Do politics affect you?:
“Only how the money is spent. I’d love to be budget manager on Capitol Hill.”


Chester “Cash” Hughes

Traces his family tree deep into Oregon history, where our eighth generation citizen of the Pacific Northwest’s great-great-great grandparents were prominent in the fur trading industry. An outdoor enthusiast whose passion for extreme sports includes Base Jumping, Cash is the KBNP unofficial “Weather Guy and Outdoors Reporter”. While living within earshot of the KBNP studios, Cash is frequently seen as The MONEY STATION man on the street in The Rose City’s Lair Hill neighborhood. Always willing to “spot” for local police, fire, and emergency services incidents as part of a Neighborhood Watch campaign – civic groups deeply appreciate his willing to “Work for Food” in exchange for his services – but which many believe created the national trend for many homeless and less fortunate nationwide.Among his listed lifetime goals: surfing the “Pipeline” at Haleiwa, while staying in Keith Lyons’ North Shore vacation home (during a month’s paid vacation), slam dunk a basketball (just once), and raise more awareness for the world’s shoeless societies. Cash has extensive savings tucked away for retirement to his family’s “heritage estate” just south of downtown Portland.

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