Tom O'Brien

Weeekdays 2:00pm-3:00pm

Tom O'BrienInvestors across the country and throughout the world have come to view, and hear, Tom O’Brien and his radio program, “The Tom O’Brien Show”, as the most dependable source of stock market news, information, and analysis.

The audience will find in Tom’s show something they won’t find anywhere else on financial talk radio, an education. Those that tune in each day get to take away with them practical tools that can be used immediately to improve their trading systems. Tom’s views are often quoted on

Tom is also a successful author. His book “Timing The Trade”, has sold thousands of copies and is the textbook for his trading Tom authors two newsletters, “Let’s Eliminate The Brain Damage” and “The Gold Report”.

Tom O’Brien is founder, owner and CEO of Tiger Financial News Network, and owns The Tiger / 1590 AM in Nashua New Hampshire.